A weekend loan, also called a weekend loan, is nothing but a cash loan on weekend days, i.e. Saturdays and Sundays. The definition of a loan can be found in the Code of Civil Law in article 720. According to the definition, loans can be granted by private and legal persons, including companies, and the money borrowed becomes the property of the borrower.

The loan agreement must be made in writing when the amount borrowed exceeds $ 500. The contract must include information on the amount borrowed, parties to the contract, and date and method of repayment. It is worth knowing, however, that the loan does not have to bear interest, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Minimum formalities and quick money withdrawal

Minimum formalities and quick money withdrawal

Loan companies are known mainly for granting loans even in 15 minutes, which can be obtained 7 days a week. You do not have to complete as many formalities as when applying for a bank loan. All formalities can be arranged online, which not only speeds up their processing, but also provides the borrower with anonymity and convenience.

You don’t have to leave the house to get a loan. The requirements that must be met are very simple. It is enough to be at least 18 years old (or 21 in some loan companies), a valid ID card, Polish citizenship, individual bank account and stable income.

Just submit an application online. It must contain basic personal data, preferably written on an ID card, which must be valid. It is also necessary to provide the amount of income and the title from which it is obtained. Instead of providing the income certificate issued by the workplace, the amounts you earn are entered when filling out the application.

You can enter very different types of income, including scholarships, family benefits, income from paid employment or rented housing. After completing the application, you need to undergo verification and pay a small amount to the lender so that he can confirm your personal details. The answer comes even in 15 minutes, and if it is positive, then the transfer with the loan will come almost immediately, also at the weekend.

What should you pay attention to?

What should you pay attention to?

First of all, it is about the working hours of a loan company and banks. First, not every loan company uses an automated application processing system.

Some companies still employ employees who are responsible for reviewing the application and checking the borrower’s details before replying. It is therefore worth checking whether the company in which we want to take out a loan on a given day works and at what hours.

Secondly, banks do not always book 24/7 transfers. This, in turn, gives the borrower double the trouble. When taking an online loan, you must make a verification fee after submitting the application. This is a small amount, usually 1 USD. It must be transferred via electronic banking or traditional bank transfer. Some companies also use special applications that streamline the data checking process. A transfer is needed by a loan company to check our personal data.

Therefore, it must be made from the borrower’s individual bank account. And this is where the problem with the time of booking transfers begins. An internal transfer within the same bank will be booked almost immediately. However, if we have an account in a bank other than the lending institution, the time of booking may be extended to the next accounting session, which will probably be on the next business day.

It also works the other way around. When a loan company wants to withdraw money from us and we have an account with another bank, here you can also expect that the transfer will come only on a business day.

Where to look for a weekend loan?

Where to look for a weekend loan?

There are many offers, but it is worth paying attention to the largest international companies. Why exactly will they be the best? At least because of the number of bank accounts they have.

The more bank accounts Isabel Archer has, the greater the chance that among them we will find your bank and we will be able to make or receive a transfer.

Another issue is the offer of such companies and their reliability. Large, well-known loan companies on the Polish market have many customers, and thus thousands of opinions. So you can check for yourself which company actually grants loans during the weekend and what amounts you can realistically count on.

Even the best-looking offer is always worth verifying through the opinions of the company.

Types of loans available at the weekend

The type of loan does not depend on the day we take out the loan. Under weekend loans, of course, most offers are payday loans, which must be returned within a few or several dozen days, and you can borrow up to several thousand dollars.

However, you can also apply for a long-term loan, to be repaid in monthly installments. Using this offer, you can borrow up to several thousand dollars to be repaid in monthly installments for several years. There are also refinanced loans, free payday loans, loans without BIK, loans for repayment of debts, installment loans or mortgage loans, and even pledged with a resident.

The repayment is the same as for loan agreements concluded on a public day. There are no additional fees for considering the application on Sunday or receiving a transfer with the borrowed amount. After accepting the application, the borrower is obliged to comply with contractual provisions regarding the amount and date of repayment of the loan.

If the borrower fails to comply with them, he can count not only on a negative entry in the debtors’ databases, but also on debt recovery or whether the case will eventually go to court.

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