History Credit Bank in the past days, we prepare a bulletin about a eysel loan campaigns. We have received a large number of emails on this newsletter. The vast majority of these emails were to include corporate loans as well as corporate loans, especially SME Loans. For this reason, we tried to prepare our newsletter about History Credit SME Loans.

History Credit has prepared various Types of Loans to support SMEs’ uninterrupted business activities and rapid growth.

History Credit SME Loans

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We will try to summarize these History Credit SME Loans briefly in our bulletin prepared according to the information we receive from the bank’s website.

Cash Support Loan; It is a type of loan intended to meet short and medium term business cash needs prepared for tradesmen and SMEs. This loan type, which does not have a credit upper limit and can be used with a maturity of up to 36 months, can be used with various forms of reimbursement if the bank is collateralized in accordance with the loan practices. Up to six months without a refund, once every six months, once a month.

Machine Hardware Loan; Regardless of the sector in which the company is located, 0 or 2nd hand machinery, equipment, equipment, spare parts, etc. required for the continuation of its activity. It is a loan type up to five years that is used for financing their purchases. The maximum credit limit to be allocated is the invoice amount of the product planned to be purchased, excluding VAT. This loan can also be repaid through various payment options.

History Credit Manufacturing Support Program

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Under this program, various types of loans have been developed according to the characteristics of the sector in which the firm operates.

The first is the Investment Support Loan, which has the advantage of a grace period up to five years, in accordance with its cash flow. You can credit the machinery and / or equipment you plan to purchase at the rate of 80%.
Another type of loan under the program is the R&D and Innovation Support loan, provided that you qualify for R&D grant funds or document your R&D investment.

Loan maximum limit

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The maximum limit of this loan with a maturity of up to three years and a non-refundable period is 80% of your project.

Your domestic or international fair and exhibition activities that you plan to attend in order to display the products you produce and the service you provide are not forgotten. One year maturity and USD. You can get the chance to advertise with Fair and Exhibition Participation Support Loan with 50,000.- limit.

Office equipment loan is maximum USD for the supply or renewal of office equipment. It is a 30,000.- limited credit term up to two years. Up to three-year Vehicle and Fleet Loan program is included in the program to meet the vehicle and / or fleet needs of the business.

The loan can be used for up to one year.

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With the Subcontractor Employee Recruitment Agreement, you can meet the requirement of employees that may arise in certain periods with the Periodic Employee Loan. The loan is up to one year and USD. 100.000.- maximum limit. You can finance all of your total expenses with Partner Credit, provided you have a patent grant or document your patent investment. 

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, History Credit SME Loans have various packages created regardless of which sector a SME is in. It is not possible for us to explain all of them in one article. We will continue where we left off in our next article

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